The Bigger They Are…!

@#$% that giant robot construct. Seriously.

Tuesday…also not the best of days.

That’s why late in the evening, I sat down at my drawing board, and drew Cap just ripping the arm off some kind of giant cyberman. It’s a kind of compositional catharsis, a way of getting those feelings of frustration into some form that I actually want to deal with. I’m hoping that this adds to my overall level of mental health, but one can’t be sure.

It was a quick sketch, taking shape over the course of about forty minutes or so. sometimes that happens, when you’re just sitting down and letting an idea happen, just kind of letting the pencil guide itself. sometimes I have a whole composition in mind when I sit down, other times, I sit in front of a blank piece of paper for ages.

It’s really challenging to draw human scale figures dealing with giant menaces, so I have been practicing that a whole lot lately. Perhaps that’s a subconscious thing as well…that all problems are seeming kind of giant as of late.

Right now, I have to get prepared for my Wednesday, including a decent night’s sleep…so that philosophical question will have to wait.

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