Challenge Of The Purgatory Realm.

I had to draw this the day beforehand, but knew it to be true.

This week is not going to go down in history as one of the better weeks of school.

Today, we have a shortened day “professional development” schedule, which means a shorter school day, so that meetings can happen. No agenda for those meetings has been posted…lately, they have been sort of rudderless. Vague department meetings, or “planning time,” where the groups get together without any real clear direction or work product. Last week it was instead watching a training video on inclusion of English as a second language students, the week before that, the principal did a presentation on alternative pedagogy. Much of it has a kind of “last minute” feel, especially with no agendas before the meetings.

Tomorrow, we are giving the PSAT to most of the school. That’s a choice that is a bit unclear to me, but I don’t really get asked anything about those kinds of decisions. The real effect is to cut the school day in half, providing a morning of testing, followed by half hour long classes for the rest of the day. Less than ideal, two shortened days in a single week.

Thursday is a normal day, with parent conferences happening in the evening. I’m not sure how well publicized the school has made that, but there was a very low turnout to “Back to School Night.” That should be a reasonably normal day, except…

…the following day, due to the extra “on the clock” hours for teachers, is another shortened day schedule. In essence, we are losing about half the week in educational time to things that really aren’t education. Hence my predeiction that this will NOT be the best week in terms of learning outcomes.

Who knows what today’s meeting will actually be about? One can only hope that it provides some kind of content for tomorrow. At times, that can be a struggle.

It’s fun to draw Bolas, and he’s looking pretty @#$%ing ripped in Panel One. I went back and forth on the dialogue, considering covering all kinds of topics, but went with the gag that we have today. Cap doesn’t land any better wearing her depression hoodie, so it’s a good thing that Gideon is indestructible. I considered having her axe-hammer thing in the frame, but it just seemed too busy. I think she can probably summon it, or just pull it out of a pocket in her hoodie. Sure….all of that sounds good.

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