One Is The Loneliest Number…

Hopefully, it isn’t this boring…

A quick post!

Tonight, I have parent conference night. The ten week report cards just happened, although there is no way that they have made it home already. I’m also unsure if the school has highly publicized the upcoming conference night with the various media announcements open to schools. The previous parent night, “Back to School,” was very poorly attended, although it was also very early in the semester.

My fear is that my night (from five to eight!) will be more or less as boring as the art for today, the quick sketch of Cap and Gideon being bored in their headquarters, pretty much alone. If I have to be present, I’d much rather be in the position where I am doing things, it simply makes the time go faster.

Thinking of doing things, I was actually pretty lucky to get up today’s quick post and sketch. Wednesday saw a rough migraine settle in on me at work, which really took a chunk out of the drawing time. That possibly has to do with Cap and Gideon looking so forelorn in their boredom. As it is, I’m on the mend, and hope to not be bored out of my mind like our heroes are.

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