That’s Not Orange Chicken….

That was thoughtful of Jace…? Maybe…?

I drew the basic sketch for this between visits at parent conference night. It really refrences the fact that right after school, my co-teacher, a student, and myself played a game of Magic, and then we got Chinese takeout. It was good, but Chinese fast food has a way of disagreeing and rebelling against me, much like Jace’s growling package.

It was fun to draw. I rather like drawing Jace in a comical fashion, and often wind of treating him almost like a Disney Prince. The unsettled expression on Cap’s face, as well as her posture, were also pretty fun to get down, and get right. One student who often watches me draw asked if they were on a really awkward date, and I couldn’t really decide. I’ve given Jace and Cap a pretty awkward, but interesting relationship, with Cap often treating Jace kind of poorly, to be honest.

Although it is a sketch, more or less, the question then comes up…how many parent conferences did I have, if there was time to get this in between the meetings? That’s a great question.

Let me lay out a couple of facts. I have over two hundred students. In addition, we needed to be at school for three hours for the course of the parent conference night, in order to accommodate the probable volume of meetings.

With that said…I had less than a dozen conferences. Around five percent of my students were represented. In other words, with so much time and not many conferences at all, I was able to take my time conferencing, and have time to draw the Gruul Take Out comedy panel.

It is also depressingly indicative of one of the key realities of modern education. Parental involvement is running low, and at least anecdotally, the effects of that lack of involvement are kind of visible. Fail rates are very high, district and state wide, with an ever increasing jeopardy related to graduation and college readiness. It almost seems like interest in school is waning on the part of everyone involved, which is again, depressing.

It is a shortened day schedule today, due to the additional hours worked for conferencing, meaning classes will fly by. We are concluding a major assignment, which is due today and closes out a brief unit. Hopefully, that all goes well, and then I am let loose for the weekend, such as it is.

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