Flights Of Fancy.

I’m trying to be more positive about my commute in this week.

I also wanted to draw Cap practicing flying. It’s pretty hard to draw people in flight, because I feel like I know what it looks like, but in reality…people don’t fly, se the references are really weird. The perspectives and postures are kind of…off, in a way that is hard to work out.

With that said, I’m pretty happy with this piece. Cap looks like she’s enjoying being in flight, which she rarely does. The birds were a real hassle, in part because I didn’t want to draw a whole lot of feathers. I spoke to a student about that recently…that I don’t really like drawing wings, because of the need for layers of feathers. Here I took a minimalist approach, with just the outer fringe of feathers, and the general tone and shape of birds.

I have exactly ZERO idea what to expect from school this week. Will my students show up, the week before Thanksgiving? Will they show up, only to leave right afterward, in some kind of protest? Both are equally probable, especially with the lack of actual protests for the students to go to last week, but the preponderance of walkouts.

I drew this on Sunday night, trying to get a mindset of peace going into this final week before Thanksgiving. I wanted to come into school with as positive a mindset as possible, and in doing so, decided to focus on Cap’s power of flight. Of all her powers, I think it’s the one that she uses least effectively, and is definitely the one that would be the most fun. There’s probably something psychological to be said about that, in terms of me, her creator.

I’m not going to think too hard about it right now. Instead, I’m going to be happy with the sketch, and to attempt to have the best Monday possible.

Obviously, a pretty short post today, True Believers.

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