Flight Of The Lunar Star Dancer…!

So…this happened.

Like, a few blocks from my house on Overland Avenue.

In all probability, I need a new battery and alternator in the car. It hadn’t been acting up, or more accurately, I had been attributing the “acting up” to the colder weather, and not a problem with either vital car item. While idling pretty much in front of Sony Studios, my car decided that it no longer had enough power to keep running, and shut down. Dim lights and an inability to activate flashers after the incident pretty much gave me the diagnosis…a bad loss of power, from the electrical system.

These are a pretty easy fix, really, so that’s not a problem.

AAA, on the other hand, didn’t really listen to anything that I said, so I needed to communicate with the tow guys directly.  They were really cool actually, and very helpful.  I can’t say enough positive about that.  It was tough communicating with them in the din of rush hour traffic though.

I mentioned the lack of emergency flashers, because, well, you know…no power.  So I pretty much had to push my car uphill across a few lanes to get to a red zone on the far right, and then stand behind it, directing traffic around it.  I am amazed at what a packs of @#$%ing @#$%s the rush hour drivers in Culver City are like.

However, all of that got done without incident, and the car towed to the mechanic.  A phone message and a set of keys through the mail slot later, and we should be well on our way to fixing things.

I really didn’t want to put the car back into the shop this calendar year, but things happen.  A lot of worse things could happen, and like all car problems, this is the kind of thing where you can solve it simply by throwing time and money at the problem.  People aren’t fixable so easily, so really, I’d rather this kind of thing than health issues.

A remarkably mature view for me, that I didn’t have for all of the evening.

Obviously, I drew this quick two panel sketch when I got home from the ordeal, and am posting late Monday night

Heck of a Monday.

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