March Of The Juggernaut.

Although in all honesty, Jace has seen her deal with bigger and worse things.

Perhaps that’s some kind of character progress.  We don’t see a whole lot of that in the strip, so sure.  Let’s say that’s Jace being sensitive, and caring about Cap’s welfare, as it were.

It is the end of the week.  A truly frantic Wednesday prevented me from being able to draw at all, and in turn prevented a Thursday post.  I did, in that process, get my beloved car back from the shop already, which is great.  Things are back to running well over there, which is fantastic.  It turned out that my alternator had gone terribly bad, and needed to be replaced.  An easy enough fix, and done quickly and efficiently.

Over the past week, the holiday season pretty much moved in at school, and it did so like that Walker in the strip.  Sort of unexpectedly, and HUGE.  We went from no real evidence, to a veritable marketing extravaganza for the Christmas season.  To me…it’s a bit unpleasant, to be sure, but it will only be about a week of this nonsense.  The principal has already agreed to let me off the hook for the staff Christmas party, and I apparently missed a bunch of Christmas music at the last staff meeting…so I’m really getting out of this with a minimum of inconvenience.

In addition, my grades are wrapping up nicely, meaning that I’ll start assembling my printed gradebook quite soon.  That’s good, because it means that I will be able to secure my room and leave with real speed on Friday a week from now, when the semester is over.

I always associate those Walkers with winter, because of their appearance in the Hoth scenes of “Empire Strikes Back.”  When I was thinking about something that would represent a monolithic, oppressive, and monocultural force for winter, that came forward pretty easily.  Think about it…the Bad Guys in Star Wars films are always humans, and usually white human males.  They have a pretty monolithic, WASP style presence that would definitely roll a walker covered with lasers in to ensure a staff Christmas party happened.  In fact in “Empire,” one of Vader’s toadies is up[set when Vader hires a diverse cast of alien bounty hunters to catch up with Han Solo.

It’s a pretty on the nose analogy.

As I think about it, I understand Jace’s concern a bit.  Just a bit.  He has seen her take on an immense fruitcake elemental, and haul an undying sun off into the sky to smack it against a mountain, so he should be pretty aware of her A-List Silver Age Alien American Powers.  Still…they are apparently 66 feet tall, and covered with armor, designed for massive psychological impact.  You’ve got 40 stormtroopers inside, and 5 speeder bikes.  It’s got blasters and laser cannons of its own.

In short, it’s a small moving military unit inside a badass juggernaut frame.  I can see where Jace might find that to be a bit much.

I think Cap is just jaded, really.  She deals with this sort of nonsense regularly enough, that she just sort of puts it out of mind and deals with it.  I think that’s how I mostly deal with December these days.

One week left to go.

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