Once More, Back To The Edu-Mountain…

Yep…It’s that time again.

I can’t really complain.  Most of the world, in fact, most of your reading this, have two weeks of vacation per year.  I just had three weeks, and I get another week in spring, as well as ten weeks during the summer.

Heck…I have next Monday off.

Teachers get a whole lot of vacation time.  In addition, I like the job.  I have trouble dealing with the other adults, especially administration, but honestly…that interaction is pretty infrequent.  I like the students, I like the content, and I have a co-teacher that I like a lot.  There’s not a lot to complain about.

With all of that said, here I am, kind of complaining.

I’m just very much struggling with the motivation to be at school.  I’ve spoken to a few of my friends on staff, and they seem to be having a similar struggle.  It’s hard to put a finger on it.  One close friend claimed that “it had been a hard semester,” but really…it doesn’t feel that way to me.  Things went by quickly, and far easier than I expected.  Even saying that, I find myself kind of fatigued in a way that I shouldn’t be.

I’m very much going to be positive about the day, and the semester…that’s really the only way to go.  At this point though…I’m starting to wonder about other options in education.

I am not talking about being an administrator.  No one suggest that!  Firstly, you don’t just become an administrator.  There are credentialing classes, and all sorts of bureaucratic hoops to jump through, that cost money.  Not for me, especially to get a job…being an administrator…that I’ve never wanted.

There are other positions, “out of classroom” teaching positions that exist.  I haven’t every thought one of them would suit me, at all…but as the years wind on, and I realize I need about five more years before retirement, it’s something to think about.  Or perhaps it is time for another school.  I’ve been here longer now than at the school where Adequacy started.

Obviously, today’s art is about the reluctance to go back.  As always, Lavinia is ready to haul Cap back in to work.  I’m not sure if they are friends, really…hmm.

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