The First Mission Of Weatherlight-1!

That looks exciting!

Unless you’re Gideon.  That pony looks pretty stressed as he looks over the Title transfer and Registration papers for that thing.

Tamiyo seems to be happy to be part of the team, and driving, and Cap likes the sunroof a lot, although she clearly questions Tamiyo’s driving skills.  Despite all of the questionable conduct of the team here, the first commute in the new commuter car was pretty good.  Smooth.  Without stress.

That’s a good start to the semester in my book.

The classes were fine, and it was nice to see the students again.  I also only saw the adults on campus that I actually like and enjoy, so that was excellent.  I took serious steps to getting National Honor Society started (finally!) and entered the students in the Magic: The Gathering Club into the format for our first booster draft tournament.  We started the first assignment of the semester, and things generally went well.

Eighty nine more days like that, right?

Later in the week, District Suits will be visiting campus, and classrooms, as they tend to.  That’s really no big deal, and there’s a solid enough plan in place for all of that.  It’s not like I’m going to change the plan in order to impress the Suits, although many teachers do.  I feel that student achievement and student test scores speak for themselves, and the improvement in my students is very tangible.

Despite the ease of the commute, getting back to work was exhausting.  I got home, did this quick sketch, and am posting it now…and then…off to rest!

Excitingly, there is an after school meeting tomorrow!  I say “excitingly” because those are almost always good for content for the strip…so I look forward to what might be put in front of me.


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