Preparing The Tournament Grounds…!

Honestly…I am pretty frustrated that I haven’t been able to play with her card.

Today is the day that we are supposed to be setting up for the first “booster draft” tournament I have done with the school, and our first tournament as a truly official school club.  We have a box of “Throne of Eldraine” cards to draft from, in part because it is the current set, and in part because the Professor (of Tolarian Community College) said that the draft experience on Eldraine was one of the best things that Wizards of the Coast has done for the game in 2019.

The club members are super motivated about draft as a format.  Research into the cards has been happening, and questions about play mechanics and the restrictions on deckbuilding have come into play.  At lunch we had a lengthy discussion of hypergeometric distribution, and how it affects the math of a 40 card deck…number of lands, number of creatures, ratios, probabilities…how the number of colors in a deck affects all of that.  It was super fun already, and we have not yet started to actually draft.

I wanted the actual draft to start today, after school, but there was a scheduling problem….isn’t there always?  As a result, the draft will start on Thursday after school, unless something else manages to get in the way.

Today should be a pretty solid day of class, which will be punctuated in the middle of the day, and the end of the day, by preparation for our Eldraine Draft Tournament. I need to come up with a cool name for it, since the Journalism Class and the Daily Announcements during homeroom will be providing tournament coverage for the event. It’s really a pretty cool thing that we are stepping into, and I’m very excited about the beginning of it.

The probability of me drawing…and thus, drafting the card “Royal Scions,” which has Rowan Kenrith on it, is very low. So in all probability, Cap (and I) will not be having the team up that we have wanted since “Throne of Eldraine” released.

In a related point….we have elected as a club not to ban both “Oko, Thief of Crowns” and “Once upon a time,” two cards so completely broken that they were banned in Standard. Oko has even been banned in Modern this week. Anyone who cracks open a pack that has either of those cards is at a kind of mega-advantage that is pretty impressive.

In all probability, drafting will be on Thursday, and building of decks will be Friday…making our tournament actually begin next Tuesday, since we have Monday off from school.

‘Nuff said.

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