Yokohama Sushi…No More!

Those are some pretty emotional responses…

On Wednesday night, in Culver City, my friends and I often like to get sushi. We have a favorite place, Yokohama Sushi, on Overland and Washington, in Culver Center. The staff were super friendly, the sushi and other food was great, and we were always pretty happy with the price.

A few weeks ago, we wanted to get sushi, and it was closed.

Today we found out that it was closed permanently, and were pretty sad about it. We all hope that the owners and staff just chose to retire, and are doing something excellent, because everyone there was pretty excellent to us.

It also leaves us on a quest for a new sushi place in Culver City. A place that will put up with us as a group, which might not always be the easiest thing to do.

Earlier this week, a reader complained to me about Horsey not being at the wheel for the Weatherlight-1 post. I explained that I couldn’t figure out how to fit Horsey’s head into the tiny car, but it did prompt Horsey being in this post, irate. It was really fun to draw Horsey, and I think he needs to return to being a series regular.  It’s always fun to draw Horsey because he’s beyond ripped.  Even his muscles have muscles.

Also, he has a horse head.  That can be hard to draw, but is always fun.  I have gotten WAY better at it over time.

The week is almost over, despite a lack of sushi.  We went to Humble Potato in West Los Angeles, which is also good, and I recommend.  The discussion ranged from politics to television to comics, with a minor diversion into effective uses of methane gas.  The quest was set to find a new local sushi place, and we have some candidates for that quest.

A new semester, a new vehicle, and a sushi quest!  The return of Horsey!  The Year of 2020 is starting with rather a whole lot, isn’t it?


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