Rocket Time!

The goggles hold back her hair, and deal with wind issues. Just sayin’.

This is pretty much a post about nothing.  I expected that administration was going to give me some content on Friday, since their bosses were on campus…but they did not.  That’s both good and bad.  I had a pretty good day, but didn’t really have anything in mind for the strip.

I considered doing another post about the draft tournament that was starting, but found that I wanted to put that off.  Sure, it’s a school activity, but it will be going on for a while, and right now, all we have done is draft cards, and submit our deck lists.  So that can wait.

I was thinking about Magic a bit though, since this is the pre-release weekend for the new set.  All of that led to the three panel gag above, which mostly came from me wanting to continue practicing Cap in flight.  In this case, she is just rocketing upward, which would be just fine for her.  Arguably, even if she lams into Tezzeret (who isn’t pictured), that guy is largely made out of magical metal, so he can take a @#$%ing hit.  Even Gideon (the proper MTG character, who Cap is giving a lift) is nigh invulnerable.  Seriously, that’s his main magical power…so Cap is right, he is really being a baby about it.

I like Gideon, despite being a mono white card…but he never made it into the Bant Superfriends, because I just don’t have copies of the card.  Sigh.

I considered having Cap say to him “Do you like Elton John?” but decided to go with her comment about the goggles, instead…just to make the whole gag simpler.  I would have needed more panels, for more dialogue, to get to the punchline on Elton John.  The idea was more to do a quick, kind of experimental sketch set, so I didn’t go that route.

This weekend is a long weekend, right after my first week back.  Sometimes I am amazed at how infrequently I actually need to work.

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