Weatherlight Down!

Things I did not need.

Weatherlight-1 is down.

I have had the car for three weeks, and on Thursday evening, coming home, it crapped out on me just before I got on the 10 freeway.  Most probably it is a fuel pump issue (I have had those before, and kind of know what they feel like).  Still, this does not fill me with confidence that I have made good decisions.

To the contrary, really.

It’s a shame.  I have actually been enjoying the drive back and forth, as much as is possible, without the stress of damage to my beloved, ancient Mercedes.  It has been a sort of stress free “me time,” where I can listen to the news, or talk to people.  The removal of the fear of “reliability” was a big deal, and that just got subtracted.

I’ve been making all of this effort to commute to a place where administration doesn’t really think too highly of me, and the students aren’t that concerned with graduating.  My c0-teacher didn’t come in on Thursday because they were sick with a cold.

I am beginning to question my life choices, in real depth.  Ranging from the choice of buying Weatherlight-1, to my continued choice of career, to what the @#$% I might be thinking from moment to moment.

2 thoughts on “Weatherlight Down!

    • It was, but it seems pretty much resolved now. I took about two weeks of driving with it successfully to reply, since it seems like the exact second I say anything good about automotive matters, some kind of Bad Karma has reprisals.

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