Fool Me Once…

Cap doesn’t really learn this lesson, does she…?

That’s why Horsey seems skeptical, and a bit mad here.  Sure, he finished his sandwich.  Of course that’s cool.  It’s a sandwich.  And sure enough, the Lunar Star Dancer is simply the coolest and best vehicle that they have at the Fortress of Togetherness.

It’s just not the most reliable vehicle that they have.  Horsey knows that, but for Cap, hope seems to spring eternal here.

This is pretty much my week of commuting, while the problems with Weatherlight-1 are worked out.  Thankfully, that’s not costing much of anything, which is fine.  Still…I am driving the car that was not supposed to be a commuter car anymore, more of a Classic Car Weekend Project Car.  I love being in my proper driver’s seat, which is really Cap’s voice here, and to a lesser extent, Urza.  Horsey and Gideon, on the other hand have a sort of negative and realistic skepticism that represents, well, every minute of the drive.  It’s an exercise in mixed emotions, for sure.

For all of the effort that I put into getting back and forth to work, it’s not like anyone else involved seems to care that much.  Administration takes it as sort of a given state of affairs, and just sort of seems to think that I pretty much magically appear at school.  Maybe they think that I fly like Cap does.  They certainly take it for granted, because we have several teachers that pretty much don’t come in, and several others that pretty much take a day off a week.

The students also seem to be a bit confused at the consistency here.  Sometimes, I haul myself in despite all sorts of life problems.  It’s because it is work, and is therefore serious.  Yesterday, my first period class had over fifty percent of the students arriving when there were only twenty minutes left.  If you think that bugs the living @#$% out of me, then you are correct.

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