Problem Solving, Drinking With Skeletons.

I really like the way the background came out.

Cap is trying to clean up her act, which is why she hasn’t been wearing the depression hoodie as much lately. I was going to try and get the R.K. Post designed jacket from a few days ago on her….but it is really, really hard to figure out some of the pieces. I’m going to keep at it, but here she is just wearing one of her usual style of short jacket.

Cap trying to clean up her act has a lot to do with me trying hard at being less depressd as well. I have a report card due today, and the grades are…not fantastic. The students aren’t putting in much effort, and in a way that is pretty important, it seems like that’s not really their fault. It’s kind of the example at the school.

This week the principal is at a conference in Florida. You could just as easily read that as “on a vacation in Florida,” since it’s a pretty enjoyable attending of lectures and meetings, instead of say, running a school. In addition, a scheduling change just happened…twenty five weeks into school, re assigning my co-teacher for period one. That’s basically to cover for a scheduling mistake made months ago.

If the school leadership is disorganized, or not present a whole lot of the time, it sets a tone for the school. That in turn sets the behavior of the groups of students, by a kind of passive example. It’s no doubt that I’m getting poor attendance, or poor quality work. That’s the example that we give, as an institution.

That’s depressing. I’ve been depressed about it, and my students’ lack of motivation, for a while.

The only thing that I have control over is how I interact with the situation. In previous years, I would have gotten involved in some kind of angry crusade, with clear Bad Guys. There aren’t really any clear Bad Guys though…just Not Very Good Guys. Also…I’m getting closer and closer to the end of my career, so the idea of having the largest degree of positive impact on students is my goal. Correcting the system is…less important to me these days.

I’m going to have to figure out what that “looks like.”

I was pretty mad about the disorganization of this week so far, hence the homage of prior “drinking with skeletons” posts, using some of the newer methods that I’ve adopted. Usually “drinking with skeletons” is in color, but I really haven’t done much color in a while. A key difference in this composition is that I used the under caption instead of speech balloons, a habit I’m using more and more these days.

Using the search function (to the right) you can see the other posts by just entering “drinking with skeletons.” It’s a bad habit that Cap has, once in a while hanging around the mortally challenged and over indulging in drink. Given her powers, she must be drinking some kind of chaser based on red kryptonite and nuclear material, otherwise regular vodka wouldn’t affect her at all.

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