Confrontations With Cherubs!

Cap is not a fan of Valentines Day. Or cherubs.

Today is Friday, just before a three day weekend.  I honestly could use the three day weekend myself, it has been a bit of a draining week.  Beside the three day weekend, report cards are being generated today, AND it is Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day at public schools is really a spectacle on any given day of the week, but the day before a three day weekend is a formula for issues.  Hurt feelings always abound, as some people get the red and white colored loot provided by so many companies, and others do not.  Teenage crushes are crushed, popularity issues spike in intensity, and productivity plummets.

Technically our school has a “no Valentine’s Day Items” policy on campus, but in truth, it is poorly enforced at best.  Add to that the basic fact that our administrative team is shorthanded for the week, and it is a safe assumption that there will be a preponderance of the candy boxes  and stuffed animals changing hands over the course of the day.

I’m in no mood for the crying, and the drama attached to the students who DON’T have their fantasies of Valentine’s Day Teen Romance fulfilled.  I feel like if a fraction of the mental energy that was spent on social interaction, cell phones, and social media was spent on the business of school, my students would be doing infinitely better.  Given the high volume of D and F grades that I just had to put on the report cards for this grading period, I just don’t feel like I have it in me to be super supportive of the Teenage Valentine’s Day Angst.

Obviously, that sort of thing was strongly in mind for me when I sat down at the drawing board.

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