Stop And Smell The Flowers.

Flowers are oddly hard to draw.

I had a day off today, and just wanted to draw something pretty.

I’ve been pretty down on my day job as a teacher lately.  Poor leadership, student apathy, general nonsense…it all piles up.  I generally attempt to satirize it, or leave it at the office, but lately it is kind of an overall malaise that is pretty hard to accept.  Normally on a day off, I feel like I should be at school, should be somehow doing something to improve the young people in my care.

Today, I was just thoroughly glad to have the day off.

I don’t have any big Educational Crusade right now.  I’m not tilting at any legal windmills, or removing some sort of corrupt principal.  Instead, it is all about the classroom, and attempting to just do the day to day job, and do right by that.  The students are nice, they have that going for them.  That’s actually a big thing really, not being bad people, as a group.

They just don’t really care about school, and there is not that much to be done about that.

Last week fifty percent of our administrators were in Florida at some conference, for the week.  On some level, that also strikes me as a “not caring enough” kind of thing.  You know that there are things that need doing, you know that there are systems that need to be run…but you take a week off in Florida.  And quite honestly, that’s what it is, a week off.  You’re not managing a campus, or running an academic program, you are going to seminars in a fancy hotel or convention center.

That’s a kind of apathy too.

As a result, I didn’t draw about that.  I remembered that it was hard drawing the Nyx Lotus last week, so I wanted to draw flowers.  I also wanted to draw Cap in her R.K. Post designed costume, which is super hard to draw.  I liked those kinds of flowers (black eyes susans) when I was little, so that became the idea, and the artwork above happened.  They are very cheerful flowers, really, with bright yellow petals.

Cap looks a little sad.  She should stop and smell those flowers, since it’s her day off too.

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