Misplaced Authority.

In what is now a “Golden Age of White Collar Crime,” it’s hard to listen to educational tools.

I’m trying not to be too political, but this post just kind of…happened.

I have to go to at least two hours of after school meetings today.  They will be about things that the administration things is “important,” including but not limited to the trip to Florida that half of them, and select staff, took last week.

If it wasn’t clear from the general tone of this site, they can go @#$% themselves.

Last week, understaffed, I was on campus like most of the faculty.  We didn’t have a week off of fancy seminars in a swanky hotel.  We did, however, continue to teach, continue to deal with the school’s massive and ongoing drug problem, and continue to do our jobs.  I’m just putting that out there.

Today, we are going to be told about all the things that they heard about in those seminars.  I already got an e-mail asking me for my opinion about some articles, which I fundamentally don’t respect.  Just because someone told you about it at a fancy meeting, that doesn’t make it legitimate research, you know?  Especially when the article says specifically that.

In order to know that, you need to read the whole article though.

Again, I’m supposed to see this all as Very Important when the fundamental bedrocks of our society are literally falling apart.  I don’t love being political, but when someone is trying to tell me how important their @#$%ing vacation in Florida was while the president of the United States openly flouts the rules of how our basic society works…

…well, at that point, I tune out.  I don’t want to hear about your @#$%ing Florida vacation.

Just saying.

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