Some Days, You Just Can’t Get Rid Of A Bomb…!

This was all about expression and posture…

It’s also how a lot of today felt for me.  By today, I mean yesterday, and to a lesser extent, the day before.

My co-teacher just had their “exit conference” with the principal, who is doing the evaluation.  It didn’t go that well, apparently, and my partner fears a bad evaluation is coming.  However, the principal has also pretty much ignored all of the rules of the evaluation, and provided exactly zero support…so it’s kind of a stalemate here.  Sure, he can be a total @#$% in the meetings, but if he goes for that bad evaluation, then he has to be able to deal with how the ensuing grievance looks.  For him, the appearance is everything, the perception IS the reality, so I just don’t see that happening.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t run around putting all the little ducks in a row (see…?  get it?) for the possible contract violation grievance.  I DID, in fact, run my @#$ off making sure that was ready to go, if need be.

In addition, there’s a whole major disciplinary issue at school that deserves it’s own post, but I kind of need t o see how things play out before I sit down to draw about it.  Again, I hustled around making sure as much as I could line up properly was ready to go, mostly to support another teacher, and make sure certain things just happened, in a policy sense.  Our principal recently spoke about the school’s “culture” being what we allow.  That’s not really what “culture” means, at all…but there are certain things that I’m just not going to allow.

On top of THAT, I have been working with a close, dear friend to attempt to organize a Black History Month Comics Creators event in West Los Angeles.  That will also get its own post, to be sure…but the organization of it is a huge Hot Potato of motion.  I definitely could not have put together half the event (in fact, it would actually have about half the talent that is coming, if that) without my friend’s assistance and contact list.  However now there  are confirmation e-mails, table reservations and setup, materials that need to be provided…it’s a lot.  A LOT.

So, today’s artwork.  She can’t just ditch that bomb thing, because that would be a problem.  She can’t just throw it to the Moon, because I have been told by some readers that I need to stop vandalizing the Moon.  So instead, she needs to run around with the fuse lit, looking for the smart place to get rid of that bomb thing.

And some days…you just can’t get rid of a bomb.  Adam West told me that, in his infinite and gentle wisdom, and he was right.

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