Waiting For The Week…

Cap is bored, and definitely with good reason.

There’s a bunch here, despite the quickness and simplicity of the sketch, and the basic nature of the gag.  On it’s most basic level, it’s pretty much a complaint about the kind of people that wind up in school administration, people that kind of drone on and on about pseudo corporate things, and meetings, and so forth.  I had a meeting with my principal that had a significant amount of it keep circling back to “an excellent meeting” that he had recently been in, which was in some way eye opening for him.

Honestly, I think most jobs that that kind of person in them, which is the reason that this wasn’t drawn with the Dark Lord himself in the panel, but instead Cap pulling a shift in the Prison Realm, guarding Bolas.

It also has a bit to do with a bit of my frustration with Magic: The Gathering currently.  Magic is definitely the best part of my work day…taking a half an hour during lunch to just play a needlessly complex card game with an intelligent group of teenagers is great.  The thing is, the prior set, Throne of Eldraine…it didn’t grab me that much, nor has the current one, Theros: Beyond Death.  Heck….I don’t actually have any of the Theros block of cards yet, and they have been out for a month.

A big portion of that could be the story line of the game, as it were.  I’ve always liked that element, in the same way that I like comic books.  Magic just had its big “Avengers: Endgame” moment in War of the Spark, which was a good set, and at least the lead in to that confrontation was fun.  Bolas was soundly defeated, and exiled to a Prison Dimension, unable to planeswalk anymore…and Magic was left without the Key Bad Guy that everything had revolved around for some serious amount of time.  About five years.

The books related to that plotline were Bad.  Very Bad.

In fairness, I didn’t expect them to be that good.  They are licensed fantasy novels, after all.  If judging by that standard they are Very Bad, then you have a serious level of Badness.

However, Eldraine and Theros have been kind of…”one off” plotlines that just didn’t add up to very much.  Pretty unsatisfying, in some ways, and I should arguably like both settings a whole lot.

I would argue that the time away from a massive mega-plot is probably good for the game, and the storyline has certainly gone through that in the past.  It can’t all be “The Phyrexian Invasion” and “The Eldrazi are Coming,” or some massive scheme by Bolas.  Sometimes you just have to have a very basic storyline happen, almost to just clear things out, so that you can start over.

It would have helped a lot of I had liked the mini plots, or the sets more.  That’s all.  I kind of find myself wanting Bolas to be back in the story already, when I know that holding him in reserve is a better narrative plan.

As I’m looking forward into a week of school that will involve one School Board Member visiting, and the inevitable “Dog and Pony Show” that ensues, as well as two days of standardized testing, I’m feeling a whole lot like Cap here.  Sure…somebody has to make sure that Nicol Bolas is trapped in the Prison Realm, and guard him.  It’s responsible, and it’s part of your job as a Good Guy.  Sometimes Ugin needs a day off from it, right?

That doesn’t mean it’s not boring.  Or that you want to listen to some story about a magical Powerpoint Presentation that an Elder Dragon delivered “back in the day.”

Those are my Random @#$ feelings going into the week, True Believers.  This was rambly and wandering, I know.

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