Adversarial Beginnings.

They look pretty mad.

I actually looked it up…inside his suit, the Rhino is pretty @#$%ing strong, able to lift 100 tons.  Without it, he can lift in excess of 75 tons, which is still a lot of weight, even by superhuman comic book standards.  In other words, Cap may be way tougher than him, but it isn’t as completely uneven as it seems.

I was just looking to express my emotional view toward going back to work today, and honestly…I’m not really too happy about it.  Hence the tonal, emotional aspect of this relatively quick sketch, trying to lay out an idea of just being kind of mad, and kind of confrontational.  Sure, the Rhino is a Bad Guy, but not a smart one.  Just a frustrating one, a superhenchman of sorts.

I’m feeling like a lot of my time is dealing with educational issues that are at the “Rhino level,” and I’m not all that keen on it.

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