Ask Not For Whom The Suplex Happens…

You’d think Hesh would know better…

Monday was a Bad Day.  The less said about that, the better.

Midway through Monday, I got an email from an out of classroom teacher.  He was asking me to present to the staff, at today’s boring meetings, about the things that I do with student statistics.  This message came to me after the administration and out of classroom personnel pretty much hung me out to dry on a thing that they are supposed to do.

Needless to say, seeing the e-mail incensed me.

With that said, I took the High Road.  By that I mean that I did not sent a vitriol filled reply, nor interact at all with the person who sent it.  Instead, I let the mail sit, as if it had gone completely unseen.  Primarily because I have zero intention of doing a favor for admin and out of classroom staff when they were unable to perform their basic functions for me.

Almost certainly, this will come up today.

At that point, I am going to inquire as to why I should share my excellent skill and wisdom, when I am not receiving the support that I ask for.  I’m going to need to point out that it seems to be a one way relationship, which would be a risky perspective, except for the fact that I have tenure.  Tenure and ability make all the difference here.

I regularly use my ability to compile and analyze statistics to generate lists of students that require different kinds of intervention.  In many ways, when I deliver these lists I feel like I might as well be throwing them away, as they seem to never result in any kind of action.  I know that they wind up in stacks of “data reports” that are shown off to people above our school, but they don’t wind up serving my students in need, or myself, in any real way.

Everyone on my staff went to college, and also got a Masters Degree.  They should have taken a stats class, and as a result, don’t need me lecturing on the way to use and compile statistics.  That’s just a truth.

The sheer chutzpah of asking me to do extra, to do the admin job of training, on a day that the out of classroom personnel didn’t do their job for me?  Oh…that requires…no demands, a calling out.  A metaphorical Ultra-Suplex, if you will.

When that conversation happens, I will have decided what, if anything, could convince me to do such a presentation at a later date.  Exchange in advance, because I don’t really trust the Suits to deliver after the fact.

It’s only Tuesday, True Believers.

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