Fishy Business!

She’s right, you know.

I didn’t think that I was going to draw on Tuesday night, but then…I did.  This happened.

I mostly wanted to draw action, and to reflect the chaotic nature of the day.  There was a whole lot of that, I will have you know, True Believers.  At least the Faculty Meeting after the Staff Meeting was cancelled, which gave me some real time to get my act together with other stuff, and left me motivated to draw late into the night.

Even if you’re Cap, with your Silver Age Alien American Strength, a giant great white shark surging forward is a lot to handle.  Kind of wiggly, and maybe not that easy to get a grip on.  It’s definitely a whole lot for Jace, because his mind powers aren’t so great on tiny brains.  Even if you’ve got great @#$%ing powers, that shark is going to make kind of a mess before you get everything sorted.

The shark is a metaphor here, people.  The shark is a metaphor.

Well, not to Cap and Jace.  For them it’s a giant @#$%ing angry shark, possibly a magical flying shark.  That’s unclear, the whole “shark status” thing, with the exception that inside the art, it isn’t metaphorical at all.

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