The Shopping Trip!

Horsey was more or less right…and must be finding a place to park.

Yesterday, I went to Target.  To pick up a few things for the Fortress of Togetherness.

Over a week ago, my close friend told me that shopping for things was a real, “end of days” kind of experience.  I trusted her on that, but really didn’t understand the nature of it until going out into the wild for myself, as it were.  Sure, I’ve heard that people are hoarding toilet paper and various antibacterial soaps and sanitizers.  I’ve seen people on the news that don’t need masks at all wearing them…but honestly didn’t feel like people would be all that stupid and/or selfish.

Then I went to Target.

There weren’t Samurai Robots, but there might as well have been.

Thankfully, I didn’t actively NEED anything.  People’s behavior was…poor toward one another, to say the least.  Plenty of people wearing masks, which only help prevent spreading infection…which, if you have symptoms, you should be home, right?  A few people yelling at the manager about goods not being in stock…when really, it’s not her fault.  If the products aren’t in the warehouses to stock, she can’t magic them into existence.

A lot of bare shelves.  A lot.

I was hoping that after a little while, people would start to behave better.  The better parts of us would start to come out.

Thankfully, things at the Fortress of Togetherness are okay.  I have food, I have necessary items…the bills are paid.  As a teacher…I will continue to get paid, so the money to make things continue to be present isn’t in jeopardy.  Since demand for items exists, they will ultimately return to stores…people just need to chill.

I often quote Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which provides real wisdom in how to conduct ourselves as people.  “Be excellent to each other.”

Definitely more of that should be on the table at this point.

When I left Target, there was a man standing by his car near mine.  He was about sixty, making him in the high risk category for COVID-19.  As I got Weatherlight-1 ready to go, I saw him pull down his mask, and light a cigarette.  It bothered me a lot…because that seemed to encapsulate for me a large amount of the irresponsible behaviors that my friend warned me about two weeks ago.

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