Brave And The Bold: The Justice Society and Cap Team-Up!

The giant guy in the corner isn’t the owner of that cosmic thumb, by the way.

I thought it was a bit confusing after I drew it.  This is one of those things that color would help with, because it would be obvious that the giant guy is the Spectre, and the Cosmic Thumb belongs to some other guy of massive cosmic scale.

When my district shut its doors for the quarantine, a long time reader contacted me “expecting some EPIC Tales of Adequacy art with lots of color.”  I have been intending to get into color, but that is a big process, but the attempt at “epic” is weirdly easier.

I also just watched the televised “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which got me much more in the mindset of an old school, traditional superhero crossover.  Something massive in scope.  All of that kind of came together with the need to do Kirby Krackle, and a sort of retro comics “vibe.”

As I drew, I really had to wonder about the Justice Society’s line up.  I mean, let’s take a look from top to bottom here:

  • The Spectre: Massively Cosmic Magical Being, Undead(ish), the personification of Cosmic Wrath.  Able to wield powers that can only be described as “Old Testament” in scope.
  • Doctor Fate: Cosmic Scale Wizard, Doctor Strange Class.  Also happens to be an Immortal Lord of Order.  On top of that, he can fly, is nigh invulnerable, and has Golden Age Super Strength.
  • Green Lantern: The Golden Age Green Lantern has a magical ring, one of a kind.  It can do anything that he can imagine, and he was a pretty educated guy for the time period.  It’s only weakness is that it can’t directly affect wood.
  • Golden Age Wonder Woman:  A Golden Age Set of Generic Super Hero Abilities, at maximum Golden Age Levels.  Also an invisible robot plane, a lasso of truth, and advanced Amazonian technology.  Don’t forget indestructible bracelets and tiara.
  • The Flash: The Golden Age Super Speed Hero.  Faster than any other superhero.  Does not burn up from super speed, either.  Need to run at Mach 20?  This guy.
  • Hourman: Can take a pill that gives him Generic Golden Age Powers (super strength, super toughness, better speed and endurance) for one hour.  Just an hour, hence, Hourman.
  • Hawkman and Hawkgirl: They can Fly.  Like Birds.
  • Doctor Midnite: He’s blind…but can see in the dark.  So…he has a major advantage if it’s dark for some reason.  During the day…not as much.  He is a medical doctor, though, and has an owl.
  • Sandman and Sandy: They are detectives.  Sandman has a gun that fires “Sleep Gas,” which basically means he carries around a bunch of chloroform.
  • Wildcat: He’s a boxer.  That’s his thing.  It was a time before the West knew about martial arts, so…sure.
  • The Atom: He’s 5′ tall.  Really, that’s it.  He’s 5′ tall, got tired of being bullied about his height…because I guess that happened a lot.  So he tends to punch people.  Not with super strength, he just is very punchy.  Seriously, a lot of the time the Justice Society tells him to chill out.

You’ll notice that after the Flash, there’s a SHARP drop off in super hero quality there.  It makes you wonder if the top half of the roster spends a lot of its time protecting the lower half of the roster.

Sure…the Spectre can push around planets, OR deal with the Cosmic Thumb Guy, who has to be @#$%ing huge if that’s his thumb.  On the cover of an issue of “Showcase” in the Silver Age, the Spectre is actually smacking SATAN on the dome with the entire Earth.  The thing is…that’s not good for the Earth.  The Earth is clearly stuck here between the Moon being too close to it, and that rogue bloodshot eye planet behind it.  Which is already not good for it.

So…if the Spectre uses his powers to keep the Earth from, you know…ending in that crisis, it leaves what…Doctor Fate and Green Lantern to deal with the Cosmic Titan with the Thumb?  Sure…those guys are good at that.

But then…someone has to push the Moon back to where it should be, and move that other planet.  They have to be strong enough, and be able to fly and survive in space.  If you divide up the jobs differently, Green Lantern and Doctor Fate can each move a planet sized object, but then Cap needs to work over the Cosmic Titan.  Golden Age Wonder Woman can’t fly, and the robot plane has propellers, so it won’t work in space.  She’s no help.

Before you go asking me what the @#$% this whole cosmic problem is…I have no idea.  It just happened, okay?  It’s epic, and that’s what we were after here.


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