The Trash Of The Titans.

Gotta maintain the Fortress of Togetherness…

I have hardwood floors, so the vacuum cleaner isn’t really needed.  It was one of the better ways to illustrate cleaning, though, and the vacuum was an interesting challenge to draw in many, many ways.  I have been tidying up around the house, because I have plenty of time to do so.

At this point, I’m basically looking at an area, and dealing with that area.  The reasoning for that is nothing more advanced that the fact that I’ll be here until the beginning of May, with some long days ahead, so I want to continue to have tasks.  Tasks, and the achievement of goals, are important.  Once you stop going to work, you have to put those tasks ahead for yourself.

Sure…I have my daily “office hours” as a teacher.  As well as assignment production, and grading.  Putting my lessons online.  The only new part for me is putting the lesson, as such, online.  The rest of it…I pretty much had to get down to a highly efficient assembly line by now, because I’ve been doing this for over twenty years.  As a result, without actual classes, the business of detailed lessons and teaching is really only a few hours.

There are district trainings that are online, about this.  The first real one was today, and was supposed to take two hours.  I don’t really understand how that was possible.  I watched the video, read all of the material, and took all of the “check for understanding” tests to completely ace the seminar in about twenty minutes.  I actually double checked to see that it was correct, and did it again.

It makes me a bit worried for the entire educational system that something so basic is supposed to take two hours.

Really…I’m not being an intellectual snob, either.  It was about how you have to set up your gradebook to make it work, how you can copy documents and settings from class to class, and what the grading standards of a High School gradebook need to be.  Considering that we are supposed to be using the “Schoology” system as our method of grading and gradebook, by District edict…that should be basic level stuff that every teacher deals with, at least every five weeks.

So, given all of that, drawing challenging things like vacuum cleaners, and dealing with some of the clutter in the Fortress are on the proverbial agenda.  I’m also making sure I get dressed, like Cap is in her uniform, just to try and keep an air of normalcy about things.

A new season of Magic: Arena will be starting soon, as will “spoiler season” for the new set.  That’s something to look forward to.  I’m limiting myself to rationed out amounts of news about everything happening in the world, to avoid the constant flow of depressing information.  As a result, the “spoiler season” for the new cards (which we won’t get physically for some time) is even more to look forward to.

Maybe Cap and the crew will go to Theros, like they intended to a few weeks ago.  I’m in uncharted territory here in terms of the strip, because I don’t want to write about (or draw about) what’s going on in the world, but I draw “inspiration” from the things that are happening to and around me.  I’m going to actually have to…do something different than that.

Something actually creative.

I’ll leave you, True Believers, as I ponder that scary thought.

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