Marvel Team-Up: Cable And Deadpool With Tales Of Adequacy!

Tuesday at the Fortress of Togetherness.

For the first time that I know of, North American Comics Distribution has stopped.  That means no new comics tomorrow.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal, I know.  Except…it really is.  Comics started during the Great Depression.  World War II?  No interruption.  September 11th?  Keep calm, and keep distributing comics.  In other words, comics started during a national crisis, and have not really suffered interruption because of them.

So, yeah…if there’s one thing that makes this global crisis really scary to me…like, beyond clear, it is that simple thing.

I began to wonder what super heroes that are normally out and about, on their various missions and such might do without any such missions.  Guys like Cable and Deadpool, who really rely on people being social in order to have missions in the first place.  If you’re Superman, you can distribute food at super speed, stop accidents, repair damage to buildings and dams…you job can keep going, because it’s not all about fighting and thwarting someone’s Big Plan.

If you’re Cable and/or Deadpool….you need to stop someone, who is going to do something.  Usually a lot of people are involved.  Often information needs to be gotten out of someone, and then exchanges made, and various plans and meetings broken up.  None of those things can happen, because everyone has to stay at home.  Even Bad Guys, most of whom don’t have a power of some kind that would keep them from getting sick.

Granted, Cable and Deadpool both have powers that would keep them from getting sick.  So they must be super bored.

Also…tap, tap.  Rob Liefeld?  Are you out there?  Sure you are.

You know what’s challenging about drawing Cable and Deadpool jumping rope?  You need to draw their FEET.  Gotta be there, bro.  IT was hard figuring out what Cable’s @#$%ing boots look like, because you never draw his @#$%ing feet in the frame, bro.

Also…neither character has a very consistent costume model.  It’s all random pouches, guns, knives and military looking stuff.  Although the sketch came together fast, it was also like improvisational jazz, trying to just get the feel of the characters’ look, instead of nailing them exactly.

As much as I tend to criticize Rob Liefeld (deservedly), he did create these two characters, and in all honesty, they were great for a solid amount of time.  I looked forward to X-Force, with monthly appearances of Cable, and thought that the character was excellent.  It’s a big part of why I drew these guys today…I figure that I will go back to some of the comics of that time period, and revisit them.  See how they hold up.

It’s not like I don’t have the time.

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