I Can Has Mission?

Superheroes tend to want to be active.

Not much to say here.  I’m still struggling with my creative process, such as it is.  In order for it to function, I need to, well, do things.  The “safer at home” order, which is smart, really prevents that from happening.  I mean, I can do pretty much what Cap is doing, which is go outside the Fortress of Togetherness, and have a sandwich and coffee.  Look at squirrels, which I’ve always liked as animals.

Not a lot more to it.

Today, the Governor of California pretty much said that California schools will not be re-opening this academic year.  That’s a Big Deal, in more ways than one.  I may do a post about that specifically, but right now that statement is just that.  It’s not a directive, so local school districts like mine could elect to reopen.  I’m really waiting on more news.

With that said, I’ve more or less felt that was coming since the “safer at home” order was extended until at least May 1st.  It’s just logical…schools are places where hundreds of people congregate, and move around.  It’s impossible to observe “social distancing” under that model.

I’ve been frustrated with my job this year, but I did want to go back to it.  This news, that we will be doing internet learning for the next two and a half months, kind of took over my day.  Even with that, you will notice that I chose to draw feet, Rob Liefeld.  Even the squirrel has feet.  I’m not that depressed about work not resuming, Rob.


Wherever you may be True Believers, stay safe and stay smart.

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