Trash Day.

It’s not like Jace is going to take out the trash.

Life goes on, but in weird ways.  Obviously, if you are going to continue to live, even under “social distancing,” normal things like taking out the trash will have to happen.  I’ve been trying to stick to some kind of schedule, and do certain basic tasks on a regular basis, in order to maintain some kind of normalcy.

The constant, sort of base level of stress is tangible.  Checking the news or media in any way invariably results in some new update, and that update is rarely all that good.  My sleep has gotten fitful to say the least, and as a result, today I am avoiding the news actively.  I think rationing the news is an important thing, at least for me at this point.  With little to do, there is just a generation of a subconscious undercurrent of stress.

That…I do not need.  Not in the least.

Grading assignments and checking in with students takes about an hour a day.  I try and do that responsibly, and then I try to generate a list of students that I need to reach out to, or contact.  I have “office hours” where students can contact me…that is another two hours, but only a few do.

I think that’s the real challenge here, the lack of things to do, and the total social isolation.  I think to some extent that’s what fueled the kind of boneheads that still went on their “Spring Break,” or had a “Corona Virus Party.”  Both of those things are un@#$%ing believable, and they both happened.

I’m holding off on a “school themed” post because I really don’t have enough information about what is happening next.  Most newspapers have reported that California schools will not be returning, and the Union has started to negotiate about a ton of things…but it’s not clear yet what anything is going to look like.

As a result, not a lot to think about, besides trying to make class go on, in an online format.

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