“I’ll Just Pop In And Get A Few Things…”

This pretty much says everything on its own.

Obviously, I managed to get a hold of some additional toilet paper.  We have not yet gotten into the reserves at the Fortress of Togetherness, but who really wants to get into that kind of nonsense?  Toilet paper rationing, or for that matter, toilet paper hoarding should not be a thing.

If you told me even a year ago that there would be a day in modern America where I felt like “Achievement Unlocked!” applied to acquiring toilet paper, I would have laughed at you and slapped you simultaneously.  Sadly, we now live in that reality, a Mad Max world where the acquisition of toilet paper is an Event.

Those toilet paper hoarders…is that an investment?  Are they going to bequeath the rolls to their grandchildren in their will, like an inheritance?  When toilet paper is a commodity like @#$%ing Gold, we need to rethink ourselves as a culture.

“Back before the Great Toilet Paper War of 2020, we had so much toilet paper that we used to hang it off of the houses and trees of our enemies.  Good times.”

That sentence is not so far off from our current position.

The art didn’t take as long as you might imagine.  I was strongly committed to drawing vehicles, and I’ve been taking a much more nuanced approach to that as of late.  The process lent itself to inconsistent line weight, which bugged me, but it’s a learning process.  I’m pretty happy with the final result.

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