Interlude: An Intervention Is Considered!

They have a pretty legit concern here.

Spring Break is upon us starting tomorrow, although honestly, there is little to differentiate it from the last three weeks.  Sure, I don’t have to physically go to work, but I haven’t done that for a while now.  The fact that I don’t have to, or shouldn’t, give lessons and assignments…that just takes a thing to do out of my day.

It’s not like it is real “time off.”  I can’t do anything, and can’t go anywhere.

That’s the tough part of this “social distancing.”  It’s time in isolation, without any real freedom.  It’s important, sure…vitally so, and we will be through this time period.  In the moment, though, the boredom and isolation are tough to deal with.

I’ve been avoiding news, except in short bursts.  Too depressing.  I’ve been basically rationing out brief “need to know” periods of time, at the beginning of the day.

This is pretty much going to be the format of the month of April, here in California.  We have already been told that we probably will not be going back to school, and the grading window has been pushed back several times.  There are some other things being discussed about grades that I’m going to wait until I have more solid answers for, but a good amount of that makes my job feel kind of useless.

It’s amazing how much of our identities are wrapped up in the things we do, and the value that we attribute to those things.

Obviously, that’s the idea behind today’s two panel gag.  I like drawing Tamiyo, and am looking for expressiveness of posture in a lot of my sketches lately.  I’m also looking to sort of stabilize my “character model” for Jace…I tend to draw him with a pretty loose model.  Cap’s poor temperament is well established in the strip, so their commentary on it is pretty much on point.

That’s all for the weekend, True Believers.  Hopefully as more upbeat series is en route.


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