Flight School, Class Size…One.

Still getting the hang of drawing Cap in flight.

I’m actually very happy with this image.  It’s more of a figure and posture study than anything else, but things came out rather excellently.  Cap flies poorly (well established in the strip), and as a result, I usually draw her with an unsteady, wobbly flight posture.  A big part of the reason for that is pretty simple: since people don’t actually fly, it’s pretty hard to mentally envision what flight looks like.

I read enough superhero comics that you’d figure I had a good handle on this.  I mean, I read a VAST number of comics every week.  The thing is…despite that, there are certain ways that we expect the human figure to to look, and motions that our intuition makes allowable.  Flight isn’t really in that category.

Since I had the day to practice while Jace and Tamiyo consider their intervention, I thought I’d try my hand at just a solid flight posture study.  I often don’t have a good feeling about center of mass, what anyone’s legs should be doing when they are flying, or how hair should blow.  Taking the time to just figure that out was pretty useful.

We will see what (if anything) this effort plays into, artistically.  Since I have the time, and like Cap, have no real missions, it’s worth the effort.

As a final note…Rob?  Rob Liefeld?  You’re out there, right?  I was thinking about X-Force and the New Mutants, and how almost none of them can fly.  Is that because you’d have to draw their feet?  I’m thinking it is…just saying.

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