Bad Decisions, Sudden Departures.

Tensions run high at the Fortress of Togetherness…

Really, they aren’t running that high, it is more massive boredom.  I was looking to do a multipanel character bit, and this is what we got.  In honesty, Ral Zarek was pretty important to the dwarf build, I often got a large number of dwarves off of him in tandem with Thousand Year Storm.

There’s not a lot to this, other than that.  Obviously, we are building to the cast going to Theros for a bit, which is more about finishing this block in Magic: Arena before the new set (being teased now!) releases in about two weeks.  Given the world situation, it will release digitally, and then move over to real world release of cards whenever that can happen.

Making the grind up the tournament ladder to Platinum status in Arena is pretty much the only thing that I can do for Spring Break, sadly.  No field trips, no going out.  Granted…it is Super Important to stay at home, but that doesn’t make it fun, or less isolating.  Since the last season ended (they are a few weeks each) my status has dropped down from Platinum, and I try to maintain that…so, I guess there is that.

If I can generate over four hundred dwarves, you’d think I can win some games.

I’m already working on tomorrow’s bit, which will also be a mutli panel character bit.  Some action after that.  Honestly, for a couple of weeks the action element was pretty non stop, so I think we are fine with a bit of character stuff, as I work on expressiveness.  So next week, we should be into Theros!

I am obviously eagerly awaiting the results of the GoldfishChallenge from MTGGoldfish, which also bought us an extra day of this nonsense.

Stay at home, stay smart, and stay safe, True Believers!


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