Now Boarding Sections A-G Of The Weatherlight…!

Pretty sad, Ral Zarek.

Since Magic: The Gathering seems to get to the Ravnica setting every seven years or so, Ral will be waiting a while.  He’s fun to draw, so maybe we’ll see him sooner.

Again, not much going on here besides my experimentation with expression and posture.  Arguably the “plot” advances a tiny bit here, with Jace announcing the Weatherlight’s departure.  It wasn’t necessary in any way, it isn’t like the strip is all that consistent about how the cast winds up in the carious circumstances that they do.

There’s a whole lot of subtext to panel composition, and what goes into them  You’ll notice that if there were just one panel (which is another way to have gone with the strip for the day), Jace is clearly walking away from Ral, who is looking after them.  The panel break provides a sort of sequence separation (like another “event” happening), but also a physical separation between the characters, adding to Ral’s feeling lonely in the second panel.

So, that’s today’s technical lecture on comics.  I hope that you enjoyed it.

It’s also interesting to focus a bit on characters that aren’t Cap.  Jace certainly has become a series regular, and I get asked a great deal if Jace represents a real person.  He doesn’t, actually, which is probably for the best.  I think it would be mildly awful if I had a friend that Cap treats the way that she often treats Jace in the strip.  She’s softened up a bit over time, but in general, she’s really kind of rough on him.

There’s not a whole lot to today’s strip, obviously.  No heavy handed satire, no biting social commentary, no cheap shots at school administration.  Sometimes that happens.

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