Theros: Enter…The Demigods!

He seems pretty mad about the situation…

Thankfully, there’s not a lot of Theros plot left.  I’m starting to want to draw other stuff, like spaceships and what not.  We’ll see how much more time we spend.

Let’s put this picture in context.  Sure…we have established that breaching the Underworld let a whole bunch of banished creatures and beings loose onto Theros, which isn’t very good for any place.  At the same time though…

…the god Heliod (kind of Zeus, but about the Sun) contemplated the fragility of his immortality. He would not allow anyone to take his place in the pantheon—not even the other existing gods. That all had to do a bit with the plot of the last Theros block, and like any king, he’s worried about losing the Big Chair.  To protect himself, he pulled the soul of the oracle Daxos and transformed him into his champion in the mortal realm. Now a demigod, Daxos was instructed to remove all trace of the other gods from the great city of Meletis.

Since Theros’ gods are literally powered by belief (the “devotion” mechanic), this was a hardcore move.  Think about the story that Apollo gives, about the Greek gods being aliens that are nourished by belief, in the Star Trek episode “Who Mourns For Adonis?”  They just wither away, to cosmic winds, without people praying and believing in them.

The other gods, refusing to stand for such @#$%, called upon their own champions from the Underworld; (making more demigods) with this, the gods were at war.  When gods clash, mortals suffer the consequences.  Property damage, floods, storms, earthquakes, you know the whole drill.

Erebos, the god of the Underworld, was consumed by this conflict. He hated Heliod most of all, and in his rage, he neglected to keep a tight grip on the souls under his purview.  In other words, the whole “Underworld Breach” thing got pretty out of hand as the prisoners of the underworld realized that they could bail.

That whole situation would be pretty @#$%ing damaging to a dimension, resulting in this kind of thing.  That demigod is pretty @#$%ing mad about the whole situation, which by this telling, is kind of Cap’s fault.  She did breach the underworld to rescue Elspeth, after all, resulting in this massive property damage.

Those columns are a @#$% to draw.  Being lifted like that, for a smack…even harder.

People keep asking me about how Cap’s axe hammer kind of comes and goes.  I don’t really think about it too much.  It’s made out of dwarf star material, so I’ve always figured that she can stash it somehow in a dimensional fold, or she doesn’t bother at all.  She just drops it, and when she wants it again to smack things around, it just comes to her.  Either answer is fine by me.

Cap is probably pretty well equipped to handle a demigod.  In game terms, they are cards that have their power or toughness as a variable, based on your devotion to a given color.  I think it’s safe to say that this guy has his power as the variable, what with lifting that stone column.  Doric columns were pretty heavy, being made out of marble.  Figure that column there is at least a ton, so we can presume that guy has Silver Age Levels of Super Strength.

Maybe Cap and her friends should clean up the dimension a bit, though.  That guy kind of has a point.  Even if the God War was going to wreck it up a lot, she did contribute to the mess.

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