Uro, Titan Of Urban Restructuring.

In fairness, Uro is pretty tough.

I’m really working on destructible backgrounds this week, and real settings.  I got kind of tired of Ancient Greek stuff, so even though that demigod near the top is clearly wearing Greek Armor, the city itself has a much more modern look.  Maybe they are wrecking a city block in modern Theros.

I was asked, “Since when does that axe hammer zap stuff?”  My answer is, pretty much since now, because I wanted to draw it zapping.  It’s made out of dwarf star matter, so it must have some kind of stellar energy in it.  Basically, a zap suited the composition and the action.

I was looking for some action flying, while looking downward.  I needed buildings to get a sense of the size of Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath.  Uro is a legitimately good card, that I abuse a lot of the time.  A lot.

It’s hard to get the idea that Cap and Tamiyo (and their friend stuck in Uro’s nature hair) are somehow “cleaning up the mess” in Theros, as this confrontation is clearly wrecking a city block.  I guess if they don’t stop Uro, he will wreck block after block, because he’s “Nature’s Wrath.”  That sounds fine, for our purposes.

Clearly, I’m ready to wrap up time in the Theros setting.  Kind of like I’m ready to end this school year, and the semester of “distance learning.”

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