Great Comics That Never Happened: Team Up With Donut Man!

He’s right you know.

My week is over.  My students had a major assignment to do, and not many of them submitted it.  Not many at all.  It’s a bit depressing, but there’s not much that I can do about it.  With a report card due in around a week and a half, the grades are pretty much going to be unsalvageable for the overwhelming majority of young people.

Non-teachers keep asking me questions like, “Can’t you MAKE them do the work?”  I’m curious how they think that I’d be able to do that, since I can’t even SEE the students any more.  “Well, just call the parents,” is the constant refrain of the amateur teacher, and the school administrator.  Well…think that through.  The kids are AT HOME right now.  The parent can straight up SEE them not doing any classwork…so I’m not adding any new information, or power, with a phone call.  It’s not like you get a call from me and suddenly you’re a parent that says, “Oh!  You meant it when you said on the Zoom that you need the work?”

Right now, I’m about as effective as Donut Man up there.  Sure, he got Cap and himself coffee as a side effect of his pastry based powers, but she really shouldn’t team up with him to deal with any non-pastry driven problems.

For now though, the week is over, and I have the longest period of time until my next Zoom meeting.  That’s worth having coffee and donuts over.

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