Last year, at about this time, I was actively involved in the Public School Choice process, which both opens new schools in California’s biggest district, and reorganizes bad ones.

My team and I actively fought for the reorganization of our school, at the cost of our positions. We knew that going in, and knew it was for the best. In a meeting with the School Board Chair, we actively argued for the school to go Charter, which she had never heard from unionized teachers before. She was impressed with how far we would go for the benefit of the students.

“I am certainly going to remember the day when a group of superhero teachers sat in my office and argued for a charter.”

Maybe that stuck with me, maybe not. It certainly comes to mind now.

I draw during meetings. I draw superheroes, due to my love of comics. Now, I’m at a new school, and in October, I started drawing panels based upon things happening on campus, satirically drawn as a super hero comic. Many staff members have found it amusing, and I’ll be posting them here.

I’m not a professional artist, and I have very little computer equipment for that purpose. The goal here is, with a bit of levity, to demonstrate what the day to day, political experience of a modern schoolteacher is.

My team from last year, and myself, all have new jobs. On some level, the drawing has been a cathartic expression of the adjustment.

All of the “artwork” will have a blurb of text, putting it in context. Also…in the goal of “no harm, no foul,” I’m not going to use the real names of organizations, or individuals, because at times, I’m pretty cutting…and although free speech applies, it’s not about being mean.

Education needs some real reform, and everyone knows it. The hope is that this provides some sort of insight into the day to day politics, red tape, and obligations attached, and perhaps motivates readers to assist in whatever way they can.

Enjoy our “Tales of Adequacy.”

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